Simple Reminder

I came across this quote today and I realize that for my sanity this should be something that I should be revisiting often so that I do not forget..


Emotion overload

That happens when you are catching up with a friend of 17 years after a year ..

And you can totally relate to her bare hearted rantings and you can understand life from her perspective..

That you can share your narrative of your life unedited with her and be ensured that you have a unjudged listening ear..

That is something very beautiful.of having a girl friend for a life and life feels rich with that..

Reminds me of this quote !

Second Chances

In my little circle, I am seeing a change which I consider is good for women in India..

I have just encountered more than one case in my close circle where girls had walked out of their first marriage when it was not working , mended their broken hearts , given second chances and are now working towards a better second relationship with a compatible partner ..

We have come to assert for what we want in our lives in traditional arranged marriage setting..We are not compromising our basic rights just to make the marriage work..We are open to learning from mistakes and giving second chances in relationships..

And now when I hear such happenings in the small town that I grew up, I am delighted as though it is a conservative town we are not giving up on the happiness of our women folk..

Thumbs up to second chances and I am extremely happy as this a warning bell to patriarchy which survives more on control and aggression of the meek.

A privileged generation

We are a privileged generation indeed..

For we have an access to information in our finger tips..

We can order food and groceries to our door step..

We can navigate through entirely new terrains with maps and minimal local help.

The way technology had made our life so comfortable is astounding..

And 20 yrs ago…all these comforts were nothing but a piper’ s dream..

20 years from now I can foresee the way technology is going to be pervasive in our life ,with the progress being made of the Cloud Engineering , AI and Natural Language Processing..Technology is going to be more intuitive and so human..and I am excited about it..

Probably one day we will travel by pods and have drone helpers the way we have cars and maids now.

Probably we would do space travel like how we now travel around the world via airlines.

Till then as humans,let us always dream and keep persisting on making our dreams come true..


The past couple of days have been trying as I am trying to discipline a rebel child and the more I try to express my point of view, the more distant he is becoming from me..

Parenting is probably one of God’s ways to teach patience..But how much patience with an erring child!!! Ah..Life is coming to a circle now..

Peeps…Fowl humor

I took a week of vacation with family and it started like this..

It was good..given that I totally detoxed myself from work and social media and gave my entire attention to the partner and kiddo..

Hoping to be a better version of myself the rest of the year!😀

Just the right day

Some days are just right ! Like today

—When i got up around 7 am and kiddo woke up when I finished my bath and pooja.

—When i got to feed kiddo noodles for breakfast and let a small whoop of joy that he is MY boy.

— When kiddo got truly angry and hit the partner that we two when conversing between us despite his presence #guiltypossesivemommy

— When I got to engage kiddo actively and constructively with flash cards and toys.

— When i got to plan with the partner’s BFF for a family vacation mid of this month.

— When the partner gets/cooks non veg every weekend for the family.

— When I am left to my read or ruminate or blog without a care in the world..