This Valentine Day

Woke up to an awesome Valentine surprise..The partner sent a self designed e card..I tell you people..this is Huge..I am grinning like a monkey..

Last couple of days are like a marathon with pressure at work and kiddo having cold. I am sleep deprived and I was guilty of making the partner do quite some amount of baby sitting while I was supporting work almost 24*7..I got up late and still did not get chidded at home.. Work life balance is tipping off and I am getting groggy as there are very less boundaries now..I baby sit when I am supposed to work and I work when I get off time period. I hope this period ends..My brain does not function so well when my life is not compartmentalized.

Another surprise was when of my US counterparts called me to wish Valentine !

I truly feel blessed to be in the receiving end of so much ❤️. Now I only long for being able to sleep for 6 hours without being disturbed..


Over too soon?

The blogathon was fun .I was not as regular as I wanted to..but still I did write for a few days. Thanks to all fellow bloggers for reading, commenting and motivating me to write. Your comments matter a lot to me.

For this year

I want to slow down, stop comparing myself with others and make baby steps to be a better version of myself..

I want to observe and care for my loved ones and make meaningful connections with them.

I want to be aware of my failings and start acknowledging my strengths.

I am plain dumb at times.I do not make conclusions without any verbal confirmation. For instance, one of my colleague looked very much pregnant..she was obviously pregnant but she did not admit it. Though I knew about it I cannot completely accept it till she verbally confirmed on it.

I am painfully self aware in group situations..I kinda of hide myself and wish that I disappear especially in places where I am in equipped to give.

Feeling slightly confused..see I am still a little insignificant creature on earth..

I am searching for my strengths..

This republic day

Was eventual.

Husband had a day off and we went to the newly opened BBQ restaurant with the extended family. I minded kiddo pretty well till the in laws and husband could peacefully eat . I also managed to hog on few delicacies. I had paani poori after a long dry spell and I loved it.

We had pongal celebration in our society for the whole day. Kiddo could not sleep through all the noise and was super active all through afternoon. That gave a headache to all members of the household.

We got a couple of sarees for MIL, t shirts for kiddo and a dress material for me in the celebration sale stalls. Kiddo tried dancing when footloose was announced but got en nerved with the loud music.

I caught up with some work stuff and I am hoping to wake up early tomorrow.

C ..this a cheat post done in advance for tomorrow. C ya folks !

I love my India

I danced for this song ‘I love my India’ at school republic day when I was in 4th class.I was very enthusiastic about it though my limbs failed to perform graceful movements.My movements we’re more like a robot.Any way,here I digress..

The spirit of the song however did not leave me and I am truly grateful to the people who fought for the political freedom of this country.

Just imagine if we were still under British Raj.. Probably I would not be having the freedom of expression that I have now . Of course our politicians are bad and self serving and looting our country for short term selfish gains..I however personally feel that we would have been more exploited if we were still not having political freedom.

I consider myself still under foreign influence give that I work for American corporate.But I still have the freedom to tell bye bye and submit my resignation form.

If I really make the effort , I can still do something beautiful for this country of mine.

What makes me proud of being Indian is this : there is always a common strand among the people of this sub continent despite our language and cultural differences. We celebrate common festivals like Pongal,Diwali and Dussehra with our own local flavors. These practices have be followed for years even before British Raj and the advent of modern transport and communication systems. Aren’t we cool..Should not we be proud people of the soil?

I love my country! Jai Hind ! Happy Republic day!

Power and choices

I am in a deep reflective mood today. So I am sharing one of my very favorite theories that I continue to personally practice for a long time..

True freedom comes from taking responsibility for our actions and responses to situations.

A lot of this is in the mental and perspective level.Even if a person is in a prison cell and forced to do things on another person’s behest , s/he still has power to choose a response to every single situation s/he is involved in..And no human can ever be laid to chains as long as this awareness of choice is present..

No one can take power on your choices or over you until you give permission to do so..

Feel empowered !