Day 22 – My style of movie watching

I seldom have the patience to watch a mainstream movie.. when I ever watch one it will be full of fast fwd during a fight scene and song sequence.

The only exception to fast forwarding is Maniratnam ones, some art movies and Korean dramas..

Now that we have got a big screen, I am splurging on a movie watching spree despite having a long to list.

Duty calls now.. c ya folks!


Day 21 – Two day update

Kiddo has a touch of cold.. So we took a day off from school yesterday and it became a full working day for me. By today afternoon he became more energetic than me! 😇

To make up for yesterday I dropped in for lunch at mom’s place, took the kiddo for a mini Pongal fair held in the apartment complex and finished dinner or sev puri and elani pudding..

Now to do vessels.. ok Tata! Bye!

Jan 19 – A talking day

Today was a day glued to the phone.. talking to cousins and family..

I am not like that every day. A long convo with a favourite cousin, a chat with a friend are the kind of stuff that happens once in a while..So enjoyed the moment ..😇

I will be back to trip planning and organizing… C ya folks !!

Day 18- A late start

I set an alarm for 5:30.. snoozed and slept.. only to be woken up frantically by the husband.

It has been mad rush this morning to school. The household helps are back. This gives a bit of relief.

I am going to treat myself chocolate and rush back to the set of chores, I have planned for myself today!

Day -17 – The Pongal break

The Pongal hols have been a bit crazy with visiting cousins and family..I am meeting some of my cousins after 6 or 10 years and it had been a crazy time meeting and having fun together..

The household helps are on leave and I have been juggling kiddo and household work. We are acutely OCD ish at home. This makes my to do list of chores slightly longer.

Husband has lighter days at work and we managed to spend a bit of quality time together as a family..

Kiddo now hums Ranjithamae..

Day 12 – Rest before the kill

This is how I am feeling today. I have quite a bit of stuff to get organized and sorted out before the upcoming long weekend.

I still stretched out for two hours.. just to conserve a bit of energy. Getting up today was difficult..

We have planned a maiden Mumbai trip for end of the month. Again a set of stuff to organize !

I wish there can now be a life where I could just roll over and sleep like that little girl again.

I can’t as I have two boys to manage, a set of household chores etc.

Facing certain consequences of adulting..Bye ladies

Day 11 – A milestone

Yesterday kiddo was sitting a bit glum at the school gate, when I went to pick him up back from school.

When I asked him about his problem, he complained that his games teacher caught his hand and spoke sternly to him. Then I asked what he did ? He said “I hit her”

The games teacher is a good friend of mine and I had a bit of a laugh catching up with her on what really transpired between them.

This is the first time kiddo is recounting an event that happened at school.

We celebrated it with biriyani and soda in typical Chennaite fashion.That was my yesterday. Though I couldn’t get past even half of my biriyani.. a reminder that I am aging , I am glad I have a day to remember!

Day 10 – Planning for Pongal

Festivals according to me are traditional days designed for people to gather together and have fun.With us moving closer to family and esp parents, looking forward to this Pongal.

It starts with planning to get the dress stitched , getting a small mud pot, revising recipes and the rituals to be followed and buying the items needed.

This is a bit of tradition that I want kiddo to be part of every year..To tell pongalo pongalo when the water and milk boils, to add a bit of rice and jaggery and to be grateful to mother earth for giving us water, sunlight , air and land to make food so that all living beings thrive.

Day 9 – Relief

That is the feeling that I get flooded in once I pack kiddo to school. We had a long leave from Friday due to PTM this week.

While I enjoy every moment I spent with him and the husband, being the introvert who I am, I seek out for the me time away from the hustle.

Sipping a cup of coffee, nibbling through chocolate, blog reading and commenting!This is called heaven ! 😊. Thank you January!

Day 7 – I want a Bharathia Naari

If God can grant me one boon for the rest of my life, this is what I would want..

I want a personal assistant. She would look like a model, make healthy hot food, massage my legs and back when it aches, take care of my kids school records perfectly and not complain at all.

She will listen patiently to work related rants and give thoughtful feedback.

If there was a female counterpart of Chitti, this should be it..

Google, Amazon and Microsoft, please work on this guys.. there would be a huge demand for this one!