Mirror mirror on the wall!!

Call it the biological instinct hardwired into the human female system as raping is ironically claimed by the male counterpart..It is deep ingrained into any woman to be called beautiful..Be the on screen diva or the next door divya..Be it me or you..It is every teenage girl’s dream to fit into the disney fantasy girl..Indian terms generically it works out to be the flawless fair complexioned skin with a golden tint,the cascade of straight black hair,the large deeply pooled eyes, the pointed nose, size zero waist and the right sized butt.Well life is not fair and the proof of it is that and those wondorous qualities have not been equally bestowed to all fellow creatures..Either we would have to do carefully planned selected mating as it was propogated through the ancient caste system or eliminate the rest of the ineligibles as cockroaches through vain attempts such as the horrendously abhored Holocaust.

Who is the fairest of all?

Who is the fairest of all?

As the above mentioned solutions cannot be applied to the present situation how can an indiviudual deal with this?Dear mothers of teenage girls.Please hear this ..Your daughter might be that brainy geek who scores centum in all physics chemistry and biology exam who would floods her study with tears when XYZ scored 3 marks more than her.But at the same time her confidence is also dependent on how good she feels she looks.Though she might be in no communication mode with you on a topic called “Sex” safely hid by you from her ridiculously for her own safety,she would be checking out the skin tone and butt size of fellow female counteparts evaluating them worse than any pokiri guy will do,sometimes in appreciation and sometimes in envy as it is a natural for every homosapien.

For instance at college,I would adjust the lighting focused on my mirror to show my dark skin lighter and get a feel good..I very well remember a friend of my husband peering into our wedding album and then taking a look at me and finaly appreciating the photographer’s work of art. But over the years I have attained a zen state of peace with my looks.I proudly call my skin dusky and have found out through experiments over the years on what works good for me apart from good lighting.

With this age of media invading into every aspects of our life and slimmed beauties adoring every poster it is vital for every girl to be aware of her own sexuality and the aspects of beauty she is endowed with..Why should straight hair only be an asset?Teach her to set her curly waves so that those straight haired beauties will envy the curls.If she is experimenting in the kitchen applying all stuff edible on her skin and hair,let her do it and find out which suits her the best.But most important of all,ensure that she understands that the way she carries herself with cheer,grace and confidence exudes a radiance which cannot be matched with any fairness cream.That beauty yay..it is more than skin deep..

Raising a toast to Blogging

I initially started blogging as I wanted to develop my flair for writing. My creative writing had come to a full stop after writing that 25 marks essay at high school. Some where between the huge changes in my life, from a student to a professional, from single to married and changing geographical locations twice in two years, reading blogs helped me in the journey of understanding changes and understanding myself as well.

I realized that if there is a place where I can be myself with no one to judge my views but to offer their viewpoints, well this is the platform. There is too much falsehood in the world as we are afraid of getting judged and we are forced to wear our masks more to protect our self than to harm others. Neither am I criticizing the drama out in real world nor extoling the virtues of a blog as a medium of self expression. Sometimes we need a bit of honesty at least with our self. To HONESTY!!