Raising a toast to Blogging

I initially started blogging as I wanted to develop my flair for writing. My creative writing had come to a full stop after writing that 25 marks essay at high school. Some where between the huge changes in my life, from a student to a professional, from single to married and changing geographical locations twice in two years, reading blogs helped me in the journey of understanding changes and understanding myself as well.

I realized that if there is a place where I can be myself with no one to judge my views but to offer their viewpoints, well this is the platform. There is too much falsehood in the world as we are afraid of getting judged and we are forced to wear our masks more to protect our self than to harm others. Neither am I criticizing the drama out in real world nor extoling the virtues of a blog as a medium of self expression. Sometimes we need a bit of honesty at least with our self. To HONESTY!!




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