It is now exactly a year..

Today is celebrated as Aadi peruku in South India. It is believed to be a day to pay respect to our ancestors and the eldest surviving in the family does the necessary pooja Incidentally it is the day my FIL’s father passed away as well. Though it is generally not recommended to move into a new place in the month of Aadi this particular day is an exception. Today as I drape the maroon and gold silk cotton saree presented by my Mom before we make the visit the temple marking this auspicious day I remember that I have worn that only once before and it was this day exactly a year back for the house warming ceremony of this hole!

The impressions of a place from my perspective is by how positive the experiences we gain from the city. It is largely affected by the relationship we have with the people whom we interact on daily basis rather than the quality of life enjoyed in material terms. And overall my impression of Gurgaon are some that I will cherish till I have to replace my tooth with dentures.

Be it the neighbour of this hole or the cubicle mate at office the people whom I have met made a non-Hindi speaking ME feel at home.

– The Bengali aunty next door turned out to be a wonderful companion to MIL. She was always ready with tips on how to face the extreme weather conditions or where to get veggies cheap. Many a days they have demonstrated their cooking prowess to each other by exchanging plateful of tasty food quickly polished of by my highness. 

-The hole actually turned out to be a snug place during extreme weather conditions. Despite not being aesthetically comforting it is a snug place be it on raging cold winters or merciless summers.

-The partner and I celebrated the second anniversary of enduring each other successfully and that marked a much greater understanding of each other as it was celebrated the way I liked- with an  discotheque ice skating session in Ambience mall with me ungraciously falling down every fifteen minutes. Partner was there every time I fell down to pull me up back to erect posture despite multiple attempts of being pulled down by me as well. This itself gave me assurance of the stability of our marriage.

-My office mates require special mention. I look forward every Monday morning coz of the way they make me feel at home at workplace. Never even once was I made feel as an outsider despite not knowing the language that they speak. A wave of shame passes through me as I pen down these lines as I know how I could not accept people from  different culture while I was in my home town or Chennai. I would be definitely writing more about them in the days to come,

-Living with in-laws turned out to be more comfortable. Sometimes I shake my head trying to find real goodness in people when we don’t have anything material to give back. I realized how a earning bahu is treated given much more freedom, choice and voice .

– The vulgar display of the rich, the show it is all a part of Gurgaon-for we can witness it in a weekend hang out in any of the towering malls.

-The struggle and helplessness of the daily labourers , the rickshawallas , the maids, the car cleaner, those as well are omnipresent- for it is seen in the glint of jealously and resignation to fate in their eyes.

– When we came to Gurgaon I knew that the goal was to earn. We thrift every penny except for the mandatory trips that we make south and the occasional hangouts that we do in the little precious time we get together as a family.

So goes on life. Thank you Gurgaon for helping me grow as a person with self confidence and compassion!


11 thoughts on “It is now exactly a year..

  1. Hehehe, I want to hear the other situations also, where you confirmed the stability 😛 😀

    Same pinch on two things – housewarming in the first year of wedding and completion of 2 years of suffering :mrgreen:

    Loved it pa, you should write often 🙂

  2. Paatiamma, so you are just 2 years into your marriage – Congratulations and best wishes 🙂

    You know what, whether I liked living with my in-laws are not, I really miss the fact that my children do not live with their thatha and patti – its such a joy to have them around, which I had enjoyed…So not to worry, one day later in your life, your kid might bless you for living with your in-laws !!! Hugs 🙂

    Its only when we go out of Chennai, we realize how narrow minded ppl are here @ Chennai…I too hate this attitude prevailing in this city, but just can’t change anyone of it. Ppl who are friendly are mostly those who have gone outside this city and seen the other life too…

    Finally, took time to visit your blog 🙂

  3. Hi Uma,
    Thank you for taking time to look into this space.Whether my kids enjoy with them or not, am quite pampered a year after I started working outside home.While I was attempting to be a home-maker, the sheer lack of freedom and space was quite overwhelming !!Living with elders(either parents or in-laws) also gives us some initial guidance and support system when we start up with big responsibilities in life.Yeah grandparents are fun for kids and parents of the kids as well!! 😀
    Regarding Chennai..Yeah we will have to change…

  4. “The impressions of a place from my perspective is by how positive the experiences we gain from the city.” – I so agree with that.

    love the ice skating anecdote you shared. 🙂

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