August-Feasting ,Fasting

It is a scorching hot afternoon in Gurgaon. The clothes line is been drawn in the living room as a temporary arrangement and the clothes washed in the washing machine are hung in hangers tempering the relentless heat. I have a copy of the Feasting, Fasting by Anitha Desai half read and carefully earmarked on the table on top of some Greek and Latin medico book which can be comfortably used as a pillow. Am thankful that at least today I can make some time for some writing so that one day I can come back and look at this bit of thought put in the pensive called blog and may be laugh or scorn!

August is special to my professional life in many ways.. It was this month that as a gawky teenager I entered college life.. It is this month that I again cleared those awful entrance exams and took up post graduation.. It is this month that I got a job after 3 months of searching and pondering in Hyderabad. It is this month that am completing my one year anniversary at work place in Gurgaon.

So how was this August??Full of events!!

*This August saw the revival of this blog to some extent.. Thanks to some lovely people who left thoughtful comments and that kept my spirit going.

*This month was an expression of things that I really love. I sent a handmade  Friendship day card to BFF and a couple others to my brothers on Rakshabandhan.

* On Independence day I watched “English Vinglish” for the second time and wondered at the meaningful dialogues and its relevance to real independence-the freedom that one gets when a he/she decides to help oneself instead of seeing him/her as a victim of circumstances. 

*I re discovered my love for books when I made the visit to Kitabi Sadak which am planning to frequent even more often. The books purchased are read, chewed upon and digested. Now I have exchanged a couple of them for a copy of Feasting and Fasting free of cost in Gurgaon’s Kitabi Sadik.

* I made a trip to coastal Tamil Nadu and was fortunate to have some street food. Pathaneer ( at early morning and a hot cup of filter coffee in brass tabara!!It would be a shame if I do not mention the spread that I gorged at my Mom’s place on route and that in the wedding that I was not very keen on attending. Am still drooling. The best way to this gal’s heart is through the stomach.


* I realized that I too possess a fair amount of small talking and managing skills in a crowd of distant relatives while being draped in heavy silk saree with fake smile at that distant relative’s wedding. 

And that’s indeed plenty for a single month. Here is a picture of one more card done- This time done for a bride and misplaced back at home in typical absent minded “Paatiamma style”.


Radhe Shyam

Radhe Shyam