October and Diwali- The Mountain of Light

October and Diwali- The Mountain of Light

If there are few moments that i would like to capture forever it is this Diwali… How wonderful is it to be in the warm embrace of loved ones?Some images that are so vivid right now (put as imagery in the card as well) and I wish that they will not fade in the course of time. Here I record these memories verbally in this pensive.

Happiness:”Warm sun streaming over me through a glass window on a wintery morning.The view outside is glorious of lush green paddy fields. Am leaning on a pillow with legs stretched and a lovely book in hand.The gentle rocking of the train chugging through my beloved country is coaxing me to sleep..The brother is stretched on the same narrow berth of mine writing a novel of his own..The FIL is pacing in and out of the AC compartment restlessly and alert as usual. The partner, Dad , Mom and MIL are in blessed slumber content like me I hope..” I wish that this can be my happy memory to remind me of how blessed I am and help me draw a Patronus to ward of the Dementors that would haunt me at tough times.

Peace: We reached the bank of holy Ganges on Diwali evening and could see little girls selling diyas with orange and yellow flowers and fragrant incense sticks.For a tenner one can buy one and float them on the river the same moment the prayers are said to Ganga Ma on the opposite bank. Muttering simple prayers of gratitude and hope we let our lil lamps float..Then we sat on the banks, mostly in silence and totally bonded. We could see fireworks in the pitch black sky stars- in green, pink and gold. We strolled to the ashram near by. The sheer positivity of the atmosphere was overwhelming.When the mind get tossed in the waves of the ups and downs in life I would like to recreate this moment to remind..Ay..This too will pass.

This month, I watched a movie which gave food for thought for days( Gravity), made a few mindless shopping sprees (Delhi Haat ,Max and those with office colleagues) , gorged excellent food..(Barbeque Nation and Diwali Sweets and Namkeen),made molaga podi ,got my first smart phone , had moments of nothingness and sweetness with the partner.What more can a girl, sorry paatiamma ask? 🙂


10 thoughts on “October and Diwali- The Mountain of Light

  1. Sounds a fabulous Diwali celebration 🙂
    I am missing my train journey now 😐
    I love the sauce accompanying the roasted potatoes in BBQ, I think it is known as Cajun sauce, not sure..but was blown away by that!!
    Stay blessed 🙂

    • This Diwali was really eventful and happy Visha…Train journeys are delightful indeed..No 😐 🙂 Kijiae.There are lot more journeys that you will be having in the years to come..Am not sure of which exact sauce that you have mentioned..I tried all of them with potatoes, mushroom,panner ;-)! Glutton with no guilt :)!

  2. Is that painting part of the shopping spree? It is beautiful!

    This is a perfect, happy Diwali post. I am glad I am back to the blog world just in time to read all the beautiful Diwali posts. 🙂

    Wishing you a belated but happy Diwali and a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  3. *Blushes* Ehem.. Thank you for the heart warming compliments Comfy..Am glad that you are back to blogging world delighting us with your wisdom and naughtiness of your lil ones.. My prayers that you have a wonderful year ahead as well 🙂

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