100 Happy Days (4)

Happiness is finally putting a long pending photo post..

Lady with a Pot

Happiness is when your MIL asks you to teach FIL how to see missed episodes of Mahabarat online. One demo, he then navigates with ease. And then they no longer require me. This Saturday afternoon I hear the sounds of Krishna and Arjuna reverberating in the hall and I fall into a content sleep!

Happiness is when you see FB pictures of your little brother looking grownup posing with his friends 🙂

Happiness is when your college friend sends her daughter’s pictures to your via Watsapp..

Happiness is when the partner shows his gentle side even when am in the worst of my behavior.


100 happy days (3)

Happiness is when you get irritated when your MIL gives exact instructions on how to make a dosas.You turn back and make faces at your FIL .Then the whole evening when you come back from workplace he makes jokes on how to make dosas.

Happiness is when after the dosa moments your MIL secretly hands over lozenges as you have a terrible cold! What a bundle of contradiction she is!!

Happiness  is when the partner gets a pink rose on Valentine’s day and silver jewellery with a pink pendant 🙂

Happiness is when your colleague at workplace gently tells you not to exert too much as you are sick.

Happiness is when you know Mom and Bro are fine, laughing and and having fun.

Happiness when you have the warmth of the heater on a cold rainy winter day!


100 happy days (2)

Happiness is having steaming punjabi kadi rice and fried potatoes from one  plate with a gang of five girls at office..

Happiness is when FIL comes to pick you up from office just because it is seven thirty in the evening and he cannot trust any one else delivering you home safe :-O

Happiness is when after having a very bitter fight with the partner and making him cry , he switches on the ‘Romedy Now’ channel just because you like it, and you both end up watching ‘Marley and me’.

Happiness is when your perfectionist boss excuses you at work place as he senses that you are un well 🙂

So many blessings to count!!

100 happy days (1)

Hello people,

Am breaking the silence as I am facing the writer’s block in completing my Jan wrap up..The post have been lying in draft for days and am no where in ending it.. 100 happy days have 3 months plus ten days and I can even try a re-run of that..That way I would indeed be able to have all the months covered 🙂

Happiness is .. When you work in a place where there are people to listen, mentor and help you grow.

Happiness is .. Wearing that small chain your partner wore when he was one year old  everyday.

Happiness is that warm fuzzy feeling when your little brother shares his experience of his first interview..

Happiness is pulling your Papa’s leg when he earnestly advices you to have a kid..

Happiness is irritating Mom with monosyllable replies..

Happiness is gorging Pav bhaji doled out in generous amounts by MIL

Happiness is reading Tharani’s post and nibbling the half eaten chocolates from fridge!