100 happy days (1)

Hello people,

Am breaking the silence as I am facing the writer’s block in completing my Jan wrap up..The post have been lying in draft for days and am no where in ending it.. 100 happy days have 3 months plus ten days and I can even try a re-run of that..That way I would indeed be able to have all the months covered 🙂

Happiness is .. When you work in a place where there are people to listen, mentor and help you grow.

Happiness is .. Wearing that small chain your partner wore when he was one year old  everyday.

Happiness is that warm fuzzy feeling when your little brother shares his experience of his first interview..

Happiness is pulling your Papa’s leg when he earnestly advices you to have a kid..

Happiness is irritating Mom with monosyllable replies..

Happiness is gorging Pav bhaji doled out in generous amounts by MIL

Happiness is reading Tharani’s post and nibbling the half eaten chocolates from fridge!


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