100 happy days (3)

Happiness is when you get irritated when your MIL gives exact instructions on how to make a dosas.You turn back and make faces at your FIL .Then the whole evening when you come back from workplace he makes jokes on how to make dosas.

Happiness is when after the dosa moments your MIL secretly hands over lozenges as you have a terrible cold! What a bundle of contradiction she is!!

Happinessย  is when the partner gets a pink rose on Valentine’s day and silver jewellery with a pink pendant ๐Ÿ™‚

Happiness is when your colleague at workplace gently tells you not to exert too much as you are sick.

Happiness is when you know Mom and Bro are fine, laughing and and having fun.

Happiness when you have the warmth of the heater on a cold rainy winter day!



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