100 Happy Days (4)

Happiness is finally putting a long pending photo post..

Lady with a Pot

Happiness is when your MIL asks you to teach FIL how to see missed episodes of Mahabarat online. One demo, he then navigates with ease. And then they no longer require me. This Saturday afternoon I hear the sounds of Krishna and Arjuna reverberating in the hall and I fall into a content sleep!

Happiness is when you see FB pictures of your little brother looking grownup posing with his friends 🙂

Happiness is when your college friend sends her daughter’s pictures to your via Watsapp..

Happiness is when the partner shows his gentle side even when am in the worst of my behavior.


10 thoughts on “100 Happy Days (4)

  1. Lovely pic..You make these things, no? Damn nice! 🙂
    And totally agree about point 1. Even I feel very happy when my parents use some technology and then become pros at it! 😀
    My Mom has mastered Candy Crush. I am stuck on Level 40, she is on 99! 😛

  2. Totally agree with the last two. My close friend delivered a baby boy last month and it was soooo nice to see the baby pic in whatsapp 🙂 And Lemon is always patient even when I explode 🙂

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