WordPress..You are very thoughtful!

Wordpress..You are very thoughtful!

Dear Forgotten Friend,

Though I make it a point to read other interesting posts and impudently not comment most times due to sheer laziness you recognized my existence. Thank you very much !! You made my day..



Sometimes I look back on my own actions and laugh!!!A commitment for a post a day from someone who is too lazy to make even a monthly post??Plus I cant go sugary sweet 100 days.. *Reality Check* Well life is gonna good..A kind of hectic as I become more involved at work place..Some times I wonder if am really a career gal or I wanna make a home. Of all what I found out about myself is that I get easily bored with anything and everything.WatsApp,Pinterest,Facebook and what not! Reading blogs alone am regular as it has become a habit and a routine.

Coming to self reflection I come to realize that I dwell within two extremes of being extremely dedicated to what I determine to accomplish and then totally non committed.. And right now am in extremely dedicated mode at work place..That means coming home late after calls,dreams in night about engineering equipment and code builds, thinking of ways to innovating and creating best practices in workplace, influencing people in a positive way and a lot more. Am unclear on who exactly am working for and who will benefit out of my efforts. The monetary benefits..am least concerned. The happiness I get from making a system work efficient, of organizing and collaborating to create something is awesome. And when I reflect on that I understand how important team work and a positive environment is for a project to succeed.As wise people say, this is probably a phase..and a honey moon phase of my career where everything seems to be rosy till I really encounter those difficult roadblocks.

So what exactly was the purpose of human life: of we ant like creatures in the universe who possess powers to comprehend the universe? Why the pulsating heart beat of a me and you? Was it some fun game played for spectators in the heaven?What is our mission? Propagate species as animals?Or do animals also have a capacity to comprehend the way we do? But apart from that was there anything? What do you think is a life well lived? Somewhere where you make an impact on a large number of people in a positive manner? Or of impact that you pass on to your progeny? Is it a self realization of yourself? Is it laughing when you are in favorable circumstances and going teary eyed when life throws out its insurmountable challenges?