Paatiamma Gyaan for a Blog post

My very thoughtful pondering got me into wondering on what exactly are the ingredients for having a world famous blog  which can well be a guide for aspiring young fresh minds who stumble upon this space and have aspirations to be a blogger. Well am not a kind of  blogger who gets 89 comments from fellow readers and am least qualified for such a post.. But being paatiamma am ready doling out free unasked advice

1. Write for yourself..Write about what you are passionate about,your kids, your spouse, travel and most of all your most interesting life.

2. Be opinionated!! Always. As human beings we always have an opinion.. It need not necessarily an opinion on who is going to be the next prime minister or who will win this IPL. Your profound thoughts on why the girls/aunties working in the ‘XYZ’ office located in your office buildings come to work wearing their chemise, or your research results on how long a chewing gum would last are read thankfully.

2.(Am guilty of not doing this!! *Shame faced*) Reading other like minded blogs is a very interesting hobby.. But comment!! I underline comment!! You remember the light in your face when a get a nice thoughtful comment from a fellow blogger :)..Bliss ..It keeps me smiling the entire day.. When you are nice, the blogging world would be nice to u!

3. Last but not least..Take time for blogging 🙂 Now that is difficult.. It depends on a host of factors like how your work life balance is. If you have a workaholic boss who successfully prevented you from blogging at workplace your blog is doomed like how mine had become.