SHE-Dragon and the Goat

ManiRatnam Disclaimer:This is purely a work of fiction. No references to any character should be done with exisitng living people.


The kitchen is her fortress and she paces around the house with watchful eye lest the family wealth and time gets swindled by worthless neighbors or relatives..Her culinary skills would put a chef to shame and would seduce her loved ones..Peace prevails as longs as people aroud her live within the rules and boxes neatly laid down by her..One wrong step!! She will huff and puff and you will be a extinguished into a heap of ashes..So are the powers of the great SHE-dragon!!

The SHE-dragon lived with her bubbly chubby apple of her eye-Bublimaas(her son) and the dog whose tail cannot be straightened-Woof-woof(the husband). For many years the only wish of her life to find her apple of her eye a docile Goat to be married as soon as possible..This was because all the other dragons of the locality have already exibited their conquest much to her envy and desperation.It materialized one day and much to her delight with a grand wedding and flaunting and display of the Goaty thing to all other she-dragons..

Now the Goaty thing had become her new plaything.. She would seduce Goaty with all the charms that she can concote in the fortress and fatten it to match the mass of Bublimaas.. As Goaty is her new frand…She would get her lovely flashy dresses of her liking for the Goaty.She would also add value to every moment of the Goaty thing’s life with her valuable gyaan..

Now Goat being a Goat is not used to such shower of fiery love from the dragon. If Dragon finds that any of the lovely flashy dresses that she had got not to Goaty’s liking,Goaty would be consumed either by a ball of fire from loving dragon’s nose or by the flood of tears from dragony eyes..So Goaty wears it once..and drools..’Ooh!! wat a lovely dress’ and the dress would disappear..Dragon being myopic can only wonder what happened to the lovely flashy dress!!

And there are those rare moments when Dragon gets bored and she would want to ‘socialise’ with Goaty. That involves in regaling the stories of her horrorsome childhood and the arrogance and non friendly attitude of neighbor Dragons.All Goaty got to do is to plug her ears and nod her head so that the tinkle of the bell of her neck can be well heard telling ‘Blah..’..’Blah’..’Yeah’..’Yeah’..And Dragon will give a satisfied yawn..and would trouble no further..

The best place that Goaty can escape is to the field to graze and get back gold so that Dragon can count them..Dragon being a Dragon is so fond of gold and any opportunuity for it she would let Goaty get it for building her lovely home.