Second day of quote challenge

Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine and valleys of frustration and failure.

-Calvin & Hobbes

The summits of happiness are generally on weekends. .then comes the valley of frustration on Mondays and Tuesdays. .Wednesdays and Thursdays are when I am in the boring stretch of daily routine. .Tomorrow my happiness summit extends as I am on a planned holiday!

We had a great day taking Nemo out to the temple,  for shopping and to the park. .We generally do not do so much outdoors with him in a single day..And there were photo shoots  in the park for which we would make all sort of faces to get him look into the camera..

Looking forward for Monday. .and yay..I did fare decently in the blogathon..posted on most of the days!! I am awesome! !

For a change the partner is on sleep rocking duty for Nemo..and yawns.of I go to sleep!


Visit from Chennai grandma

My mom has come to visit there is lotsa excitement that I missed yesterday’s post as I was catching up with her..

Venngaya vadgam, pakoda and thatai for me!! I am the seventh heaven..and the long talks with her after a big gap..I have been simply making through the day with kiddo and work for quite sometime that I barely do personal conversation.Now it is binge time.
Nemo is loving all the new toys and gifts..I am relaxing a bit taking a couple of days off from work..With the weekend half way through it seems like bliss!!

Quote challenge

Taking up the three day quote challenge. .The first day with my favourite quote by Charlie Chaplin

Nothing  permanent in this world, not even our


Every time to ensure that success does not get over my head and I do not take failure to heart..I reiterate.

This too shall pass..

For a long time since I had been searching for permanence only to realise that we only have moments to savor !! Making the best of this moment! !

Some Unanswered Questions

I generally sleep in the right side of the bed and the partner the left side.Nemo sleeps in between both of us. Yesterday night I was too tired and slept in the partner’s side of the bed.At 5:00 am in the morning ,I am deep asleep and Nemo had woken up for a feed. First he hit me on the face with his right hand..Knowing that I was still asleep he then started pulling my hair..Then I woke up and started feeding him.And then he blissfully went back to sleep..Question :  How did he find out that I have switched sides with the partner?

Today I was feeding Nemo rice and palak..It is not one of his most favorite dishes..Half way through the feed he started making faces and sounds as if he urgently wanted to pass stools. I kept him in potty position to ease himself. He started playing. When I tried feeding him rice again, he simply refused to take further.Question :Where did he learn such new tricks?

Caffeine Nirvana

There are lengthy debates on which drink is better between the coffee and tea lovers.. For a long time I held on to my dear filter coffee experience. Every visit to Chennai I would ensure I pack my Leo filter coffee packet lovingly to Gurgaon. With pregnancy and breast feeding , I have consciously cut down my caffeine intake and switched to tea. To be honest, though I would never take a cup of tea in my coffee days, I am looking forward to the cup of tea every evening.

In my pre pregnancy days, first cup of coffee for me is  at office. The exact measurements are 3 spoons milk powder, 3/4 spoon of Nescafe, half a cup of hot water and half a cube of sugar . Then set it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Every single day I used to have it @ 10:30 am and respond to the emails. In evenings, it would be either at office or filter coffee at home. Weekends mornings are special as it means extra serving of filter coffee.

Fast forward to today I look forwards to the cup of hot ginger tea along with 2 rusks made by MIL with some arisi pori every evening- 4:00 pm  on holidays and 5:00 pm on working days.

In between , I do sneak my bit of extra dark chocolate from the fridge stash once in a while. .So dear folks, caffeine in every form is bliss.





Saturday afternoons

This is how my Saturday afternoons are..

Stage 1: Ay..I have one hour of actual nice free time as the whole household is asleep..So let me look into the pending bank account status, respond to personal emails or even make personal conversation on watsapp

Stage 2 : Now this being my free time, I ought to catch up with some blog posts

Stage 3: Ay..This is an interesting new read read..too lazy to comment.

Stage 4: Blog hop..

Stage 5: Blog hop..happily…

Stage 6: Crib why blogger asks  me to prove that you are not a robot each time I comment

Stage 7: Kiddo waking up..MIL making tea..Where did the one hour go??Start writing the post

Stage 8: Kiddo giving looks at the laptop and the Internet  dongle…

Stage 9: Kiddo makes a leap to pull the dongle out of the laptop..

Stage 10: End of story