Sleeping tales

Dear Nemo,

This is how you were lulled to sleep till date

  • When you were a new born.. though your mumma had a normal delivery she was too exhausted to take care of you.. Those days your Dad was your angel..He will pat you on his broad shoulders and sing “Nila Kaaigirathu..thinam theigirathu..Yaarum Raisikavilaiyae..Chinna kangal mattum….!!” or “Janaa Gana Mana …(National Anthem) ” and you will be lulled to sleep..He would be the only person capable of handling you.
  • Around 1 month when Mom was managing you with your Maamai @ Chennai, your Maamai will pat you on back with Kandha shasti kavasam running on the background or your Mom will nurse you to sleep.
  • Around 2 months we discovered the thotil and it was a life saver..Instead of the regular rocking liked only spring motion..We will have Baja Govindam music running from Mom’s mobile in the back ground.
  • Around 3 months when you were back to Gurgaon, it was thotil again..but with a new song invented by your Grandpa..”111 222 333 444 555 Wah Wah Wah!! Wah Wah Wah!!.. (repeat in loop till you sleep) along with the spring motion. Mom invented technique of maintaining your sleep on su su by changing pants and  patting you on back till thotil thuni is changed.If it is Dad or Mom making you sleep , then we will pat you on back singing Hindi/ Tamil movie songs and when fully asleep to thotil.
  • Around 4 months for more variety a new thotil song  “Mummy vaaanga vaaanga vaanga..Daddy vaaanga vaaanga vaanga..Aiyamma vaaanga vaaanga vaanga.Wah Wah Wah!! Wah Wah Wah!!(repeat in loop till you sleep) was invented.Your grandma discovered the power of warmth of sun to make you sleep. So morning and afternoon pat on back in the balcony.
  • Around 4.5 months, you would refuse thotil also some days..those days Aiyappa will pat you on back with either 111 song or Mummy song. At the same time, mumma invented another song “O Dear..what can the matter be! O dear what can the matter be! O dear what can the matter be! Nemo is going to snooze la la la” Only patting on back was allowed  by you.
  • Around 5 – 6 months it was a combination of patting on back or nursing by Mom and thotil rocking.
  • Then one fine day we decided that spring motion on thotil will damage your brain. So these days either mom nurses you back to sleep or we do our tribal dance and pat you on back with our own songs and then wrap you in your bed. Sleep maintenance is either nursing or patting on your back with special technique invented by your Grandpa.

Of course your Mom and Grandpa have back ache every day..It is well taken care by the diet maintenance by your Grandma.The older you grow the longer are the rituals..I wish you will one day sleep on your own just like your Mom!! Till then enjoying the drama of helping you to sleep .




8 thoughts on “Sleeping tales

  1. Happy new year n these tales were true in our household too for fits two years n then slowly vaandu started to sleep on his own. But every now n then he will ask for songs.. 🙂

  2. Haha! So cute! Get him used to stories soon! Knowing your talent, there’s no end to how many stories you can spin! 🙂

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