And the clock is ticking

That can well summarize my  situation now…

I am a pretty laid back person who had the luxury of time for quite a long time till Nemo was born..

Now I understand the importance of schedule to make order in life..

Now I need a plan the previous day to set the tune for the next day.

Being given more responsibility at work means plans for my team..

Then comes tracking if I am following the plan..

Even taking care of Nemo comes under planned time slots 😦

Any small change here and there will make life frenzy..

Walking on the tight rope for the first time..

Learnt to accept less sleep ..

Learnt to enjoy little “ME” time despite all these pressures..

Hey…I am growing up!!!


6 thoughts on “And the clock is ticking

  1. You are scaring me! 😦
    I thought i became responsible after getting married. But having a child is a whole new growing up deal. Phewww

    • Well..I was and am continue being pampered by my in-laws Preeks..So did not realize it much after marriage. After kiddo came some responsibilities and with it comes a new kind of empowerment that cannot be described in words..

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