My Eventual 2014 (Jan -May):O

Just for fun sake publishing a draft of the past.

Dearest fellow Bloggers, kindly forgive me.I solemnly promised to myself that I would be more regular..But the Universe conspired against me!! I was left huff..puff reading through the ‘Blogathon’ post all through January and the ‘Lead’ saab was not kind enough..He ensured that I remain glued to the laptop slogging without break in office hours and to made it official he promoted me at workplace..This reminds me of the treat that I have to give to fellow team mates who are still wondering what magic made this dunce get promoted.Let me reveal the secret.It is another one hideous technique by the ‘Lead’ to ensure that I stop opening WP before I open the office mailbox and unabashedly have colorful blog pages opened when he comes to seat to discuss that numerous ‘critical tasks’ to be done as soon as possible.

Life had been even more horrendous as the MIL and FIL had gone for winter vacation and the entire house keeping fell on this fragile shoulders..It has been never ending cooking, washing and cleaning at home and work work work at office for the first one week. Then tat lazy phase of ordering food from outside and that extra winks caught for a week…Then it was dinner at fancy restaurants for some time..Now back to the routine and oddly I feel a sense of comfort in orderliness and routine..Lot more tasks to cross in the ‘To Do list’ and I sometimes discover a more efficient me 🙂

Dear 2014, I do not have any specific plan for you..2013 taught me to live life the moment and not worry too much..Am taking that advice.


2 thoughts on “My Eventual 2014 (Jan -May):O

  1. So much!! and for good…(wah!!) Now I am the EVIL “Lead” who has to prevent innocent team members from opening their FB pages with the never ending “critical tasks” 😉 would soon travel in the same boat!!

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