Book reading attempt

Inspired by Ani, I wanted to start a sleep routine of reading books to Nemo.

I am this avid reader of books while I was a kid and I well remember one of the earliest stories read to me by my Mom.

I had got a story book for Nemo even when was barely  8 months in my tummy. It was lying unused for quite sometime.

I open the book and read out in a sing song voice..”Monkey Puzzle”..”I have lost my mum”

Nemo is flailing his hands like mad!! I go ahead reading..”Hush little monkey..don’t you cry”

Nemo starts flailing even more!! I understand…He wants to catch hold of the book.

To pacify him,  I give him the book..He tries opening the book.. One more try he may tear the book..So I gently try guiding him to open it..

One or two attempts…Then Nemo makes “Ah!! I am bored expression”..Then the book goes into his mouth!!!

Wild protests from Mom telling him not to put the book into his mouth..

End of Story !


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