Milking tales on Maatu Pongal

Happy maatu pongal folks!!  This day seems more appropriate to write my milking post.

I started going back to work right since Nemo was 4 month old though he was on exclusive breast feed. There are few factors which helped me in working things out.

  1. We relocated our home near my office. ( 5 mins ride)
  2. My employer was fine with me logging only 1-2 hours per day at work for 2 months.

So I will generally feed him, go to work and then come back within an hour and a half.I would make two trips a day if required.

Though I have got an manual and an electric breast pump, I seldom used it.

From his seventh month, I slowly started consciously increasing my hours at work. I generally replace the time I am away from him with a weaning food. In his seventh month, I have replaced 3 of his milk feeds with weaning food and the regularly frequency of his milk requirement was

Morning last milk :8:00 am

Afternoon : 12:30 pm (come back home for lunch)

Evening : 5:00 pm ( after office hours)

Night first milk : 8:30 pm

But what when he actually needs milk? Being too lazy to boil sterilize the breast pump ( our microwave conked off) , I hand-express milk at home. I am not sure if hand expressing the right way, but it works for me.There are few nights when I am full with milk, but Nemo is sleeping or days in which Nemo does not completed the feed. In those cases I do milking liking how it is done in the cow and store the milk in the steel vessel in the freezer. MIL heats the vessel in boiling water to feed him when required!!

Hope it helps any mew mom who has the same benefits that I have!!


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