Life as a Working Mom

…is exhausting. I honestly do not understand how working moms with two children cope up with all the workload and the chores..I have been having a crazy week with more hours required to be put at work and I am simply exhausted.

No 1 :There is guilt of not being able to spend my regular hours with Nemo. I have to leave earlier than my usual time and come back late.Then comes the real aches.I have put on oodles of weight to become a 6 pack mom. Husband blames that the culprit is the scooter which I use to travel to work, while I could have easily burnt some calories walking to office.I highlight on the hours I save by using a two wheeler. Nemo keeps checking if I am near him by waking up in the nights every one to  two hours.Then there is a constant backache.. All the stress is affecting my nursing which goes in a vicious circle and affects Nemo. Life  is getting crazier.. Just waiting for this week to end

Work life without kid was much easier as there was only one goal to focus on.Now there is a balancing act required..There are few awful days in  neither people at office or people at home are happy with what i do for them.Am having more of such days..Hope I will have more strength for a better tomorrow!!




9 thoughts on “Life as a Working Mom

  1. I so hear you Paatiamma. It was like reading my life. I have started taking my two wheeler two and the back ache kills. Work has become hectic and I am not able to complete work in the few hours I am in office and I need to manage time for pumping in office too.
    Hugs! Just hang in there.

  2. Ya..IT is hard!! I agree..Women cannot have it all..It is only lil bit of all..Am not delusional..There is no superwoman possible..Nice song..Alicia Key looks great!

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