After the maternity break, I still struggle to make through every workday..These are few techniques used by the BOSS to convince me to continue working and ensure that I start working full time.

I start taking more leaves and contemplate leaving work. The BOSS asks me to perform telephonic interview of women candidates  who are trying to get back into the industry after a break in career.

I am rushing to get back home for lunch lest kiddo become hungry. BOSS tells to send one URGENT e-mail just 10 minutes before I start.

I am cursing him and BOSS hands me over the salary increment letter!!

I get exhausted , BOSS gives me tasks which challenges me  to push my own limits at workplace and develop new skills.

No wonder I am gritting my teeth and pulling through…





7 thoughts on “The BOSS

  1. Isn’t it a good thing that your boss is ensuring you don’t end up not being in a job? I know so many who wish they had not quit once they went for kids.. I’m curious as everyone spotted the boss as the villain and I am the only one who felt you wrote this post to appreciate how your boss does not let you quit ☺️

    • Well..There is always a love hate relationship with work life for me..yes from one perspective I do feel grateful that I have an opportunity to continue to work despite the baby..The other perspective is when I hate my job aka Boss as it is the reason that I spend lil time with Nemo

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