Saturday afternoons

This is how my Saturday afternoons are..

Stage 1: Ay..I have one hour of actual nice free time as the whole household is asleep..So let me look into the pending bank account status, respond to personal emails or even make personal conversation on watsapp

Stage 2 : Now this being my free time, I ought to catch up with some blog posts

Stage 3: Ay..This is an interesting new read read..too lazy to comment.

Stage 4: Blog hop..

Stage 5: Blog hop..happily…

Stage 6: Crib why blogger asks  me to prove that you are not a robot each time I comment

Stage 7: Kiddo waking up..MIL making tea..Where did the one hour go??Start writing the post

Stage 8: Kiddo giving looks at the laptop and the Internet  dongle…

Stage 9: Kiddo makes a leap to pull the dongle out of the laptop..

Stage 10: End of story











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