Caffeine Nirvana

There are lengthy debates on which drink is better between the coffee and tea lovers.. For a long time I held on to my dear filter coffee experience. Every visit to Chennai I would ensure I pack my Leo filter coffee packet lovingly to Gurgaon. With pregnancy and breast feeding , I have consciously cut down my caffeine intake and switched to tea. To be honest, though I would never take a cup of tea in my coffee days, I am looking forward to the cup of tea every evening.

In my pre pregnancy days, first cup of coffee for me isΒ  at office. The exact measurements are 3 spoons milk powder, 3/4 spoon of Nescafe, half a cup of hot water and half a cube of sugar . Then set it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Every single day I used to have it @ 10:30 am and respond to the emails. In evenings, it would be either at office or filter coffee at home. Weekends mornings are special as it means extra serving of filter coffee.

Fast forward to today I look forwards to the cup of hot ginger tea along with 2 rusks made by MIL with some arisi pori every evening- 4:00 pmΒ  on holidays and 5:00 pm on working days.

In between , I do sneak my bit of extra dark chocolate from the fridge stash once in a while. .So dear folks, caffeine in every form is bliss.






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