Second day of quote challenge

Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine and valleys of frustration and failure.

-Calvin & Hobbes

The summits of happiness are generally on weekends. .then comes the valley of frustration on Mondays and Tuesdays. .Wednesdays and Thursdays are when I am in the boring stretch of daily routine. .Tomorrow my happiness summit extends as I am on a planned holiday!

We had a great day taking Nemo out to the temple,  for shopping and to the park. .We generally do not do so much outdoors with him in a single day..And there were photo shoots  in the park for which we would make all sort of faces to get him look into the camera..

Looking forward for Monday. .and yay..I did fare decently in the blogathon..posted on most of the days!! I am awesome! !

For a change the partner is on sleep rocking duty for Nemo..and yawns.of I go to sleep!


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