Dearest Nemo,

February has been a great month.Yesterday you reached an important milestone that I ought to document..You uttered the syllable “MUMMA”..It sounded more like “MUMMUUM”( food). Anyways..I still assume it as “MUMMA”..Especially because you have been blabbering “DADA” for the past few weeks much to the amusement of your dad.You have also learnt to put your toe into your mouth looking like baby Krishna.That simply looks aww!!You are not that chubby kid, but you ARE strong. Your kicks on mumma at night while asleep is proof enough for that.

Your most favorite thing on earth is the scooter that mumma drives to work..You simply shriek with joy if you are made to sit on it..You make Brrr sounds and pretend play driving.You look at the person by side through the rear view mirror and give a lovely smile.

You have inherited the friendly and social gene from your Dad..You have already made friends with a couple of two year old kids in our neighborhood.You are never hesitant to make the first move in becoming chummy. Every passerby in our front gate HAVE to look at you and tell a hi if you are at the gate.

Having inherited the sleepy gene from mumma, you HATE being disturbed in sleep…You will give a loud wail and the wake up the grandparents who sleep in a different room in the middle of the night. This happens every single day.
You have an eye on all adult stuff. Some of your favorite items are my hair-clip, dad’s comb, clothes clips, my mobile , laptop dongle, pens, your dad’s important papers on his desk, vessels in the kitchen.I am amazed by the way you are adsorbing the world around you, so fast. A couple of days back , I was attempting to hide the mobile from you. You caught me in the act and did not stop crying until I gave you the desired object.You are still attempting yaanai(elephant) like crawls..Mumma is enjoying the few days of peace before you become the mobile terror.
Mumma is also growing up.. I still have the guilt of spending every moment away from you despite you being in very safe hands when I am not with you. I still hate going all the little outings with dad even if it is for a purchase for you..Yesterday I got you a proper set of clothes and a lovely wrap cum bed for summer. This one is a huge milestone as most shopping for you have been done by grandparents.
There were quite some wake up calls for me at workplace. Especially when I realized that I had been too self absorbed that I had not given justice and recognition to the hard-work of my team. I am learning a lot in this new role of mine.I attended the first Fun friday event in office (for my team’s sake) after 8 months of you.(gulp!).I am learning to consciously cut down mobile time and any personal activities in the little time that I am with you and give you my complete attention.I hope it works and I do justice to the people whom I care about both at home and workplace.

Love you sooo much,


Valentine 2016

This valentine’s day was all about love in different forms.

It was about making the partner his favorite sabzhi for lunch and generously sharing with him my stash of truffle chocolates got from Hyderabad.

It was about helping MIL with the hateful doing vessels chore.

It was about introducing Nemo to food love aka chicken.

It was about keeping Nemo entertained when FIL was watching his favorite TV show.

It was about catching up with my beloved sleep with a loong afternoon nap.

The partner got a heart shaped lovely red velvet cake with cream for all of us. It was polished off with gusto by all the family members in seconds!!

It was yet another mundane day without any fancy expression of love.(Flowers/ letters/jewelry) in the years before Nemo. Yet I felt most loved and expressed my love in my little ways!!