Valentine 2016

This valentine’s day was all about love in different forms.

It was about making the partner his favorite sabzhi for lunch and generously sharing with him my stash of truffle chocolates got from Hyderabad.

It was about helping MIL with the hateful doing vessels chore.

It was about introducing Nemo to food love aka chicken.

It was about keeping Nemo entertained when FIL was watching his favorite TV show.

It was about catching up with my beloved sleep with a loong afternoon nap.

The partner got a heart shaped lovely red velvet cake with cream for all of us. It was polished off with gusto by all the family members in seconds!!

It was yet another mundane day without any fancy expression of love.(Flowers/ letters/jewelry) in the years before Nemo. Yet I felt most loved and expressed my love in my little ways!!


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