Day 22# Trip plans

At offc we have planned for an office sponsored trip with we had a 2 hour discussion on places to visit with proper action items listed out..

I am excited but slightly wary as well as this first long trip for kiddo with only me and the partner…Kiddo is super sensitive to catching cold and getting sick..fingers crossed!!

I hope this trip goes well which means..kiddo should enjoy it as well..

Day 21# A phone post day

Today was a right kind of busy day at work for me..And i am typing this on commute on way back home..and it feels it was a productive way with time management in place! Woohoo !😁

Kiddo and the partner both hate me when I work in laptop at home. This is a good mitigation measure..Hopefully tomorrow i can give time to draft a post for this space instead of boring you folks with how awesome it is using wordpress phone app again.

Day 20 # Nostalgia 

Are we all not all equally guilty of reminisicing the happy moments of the past?

 I had an awesome paneer sandwich and rasamalai for lunch today. It reminded me so much of Om sweets and many beautiful memories of Delhi.. 

In my mind’s eye, i could see our team’s very first commisioning field trip, our intellectually stimulating training session discussions and how my white papers and innovation projects were recieved so well..Then I remember the outings, eat outs and national celebrations that we had at work place.. And finally , i remember the good times I had with the people who I interacted on daily basis..who’s personalities have left deep imprints  in my heart and have shaped the way I think..

Day 17 & 18 # Make up post – Movie review-Lakshmi

Following Tharani’s post, I saw Lakshmi and that gave me food for thought on how marriages and relationships happen in traditional Indian way and about emotional abuse.. A lot of abuse I feel comes with the “Entitlement mindset” that is ingrained in the man’s side family and a lot of it has its roots in patriarchy..Dowry, dominating mother in laws are all by products of this..And it gets wonderfully handled down as a heirloom from one generation to the other..No wonder, we have many educated girls now choosing a marriage if they get pursued by a guy if he fits in their expectation.

There were various thoughts that I had which I watched the movie , which I am penning down here.Being the hardcore feminist, I  would have preferred if a woman had helped Lakshmi realize her beauty and her talents… If we still need a man for validation of our the beauty in us, we are not yet liberated ..Also I would have preferred the script line to be more on the lines of  “English Vinglish” which I felt was a more mature take on patriarchy ..

The film has a lot of symbolism and satire which I loved.. The protagonist character is called “Lakshmi”. A woman is considered to be the “Lakshmi”-the Goddess of wealth of a house of her husband post marriage..Hence the name of the protagonist is so apt and a satire as the “Lakshmi” of the house was not given due respect and valued..

The “Sindoor” is also a sign of marriage which is emphasized in many scenes in the movie. When the lover asks her to paint , she paints a sindoor on a doll. It conveys that despite the emotional abuse in her marriage , she prefers staying as the “Sindoor” is still unfortunately a sign of respectability of women in the society. In the final scene, despite the  temporal happiness that she got by the attention of the lover, she still tries to avoid him by taking a different commute system.

One movie that I found to be a parallel to this movie is “Lunch Box”..But both the movies left me feeling incomplete as both the women did not find a resolution to their problems.. Affairs both emotional and sexual are actually not solutions and movies like this can mislead discontent partners who watch such movies. Only by open dialogue between the two concerned partners and true love can help in building a better society..Reminds me gems like Mouna Ragam!!




Day 19# Order out Sunday

Yesterday I have noodles and soup to eat…And today crispy oats dosa for breakfast..We are planning to order out for the afternoon which is a good reason to celebrate life..

Kiddo is sleeping regularly around 12 pm..He has to be put to sleep only by me!! I keep forgetting to diaper him for the night just because I become too tired and just sleep off the moment kiddo goes to bed and the partner  is doing it without any complaint..I am happy that I am understood ..Touch wood!!

Prioritizing, time boxing tasks, planning and execution in the face of multiple inflow and enjoying the moments is still deluding..Sometimes I want to go to the state of flow and perform some activities that requires a certain amount of concentration  like that course that I have recently signed up and getting involved in specific areas of work that I long wanted to get involved in.It seems 24 hrs is not enough for me and I am jumping from one half done task to the another..I hope this bad spell gets over soon..

And finally kiddo is asking for attention when I am busy with something else.. His latest tactic is giving a mischievous impish smile and pretending doing potty .. The problem is sometimes he actually does potty that way and it is a tactic which has to be responded to!!





Day 16 # The Yellow Pumpkin hunt

Kiddo’s school is having a  Halloween party this weekend.. As per directives of school, I was sent on a Halloween Pumpkin hunt..In the first store the Pumpkin was too green..In the next two stores they were not available..In the fourth they were too big and roundish..And finally in the fifth store after a half an hour search, I got a lovely orangish yellow pumpkin for the right size..In these small ways , schools test the patience and perseverance of parents. Who said schooling is only for kids now?

And then I still have to plan for a halloween party wear for him..I am now torn between dressing him like a Pirate or a Wood cutter..I am thinking of using an eyeliner for a mustache..So are the travails and joys of a parenting!

All this has to be managed along with getting a rose shaped cake for a grumpy Grandpa , baby sitting while the partner is on a work related dinner all evening, and attending post 10:30 pm office calls ..I can see parents/ in-laws aging and their growing frustration and difficulty in coping up with changing times and failing health..I can see  their values and our life style clashing where they stick on to nit picky perfection which may have been a norm in the past and we choose to live the life that we choose to.

I try my best to lessen their pain without compromising for what I stand for. But there are still days like these where it seems like running a never ending race with moments of all emotions where I prefer to capture happiness.. And I am not going to complain because I choose to live my life this way and I do not want it any other way!


Day 15#ANT day

Today kiddo said “ANT”..It sounded like “AUNT”..Then he said “ERUMBU” pointing out to the little poochi in the book..And I felt so happy that my efforts in reading book despite his attention span of 2 minutes paying dividends..

And then I will be having my first lady manager from next year and I am soo happy.. I am the kind who reads “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg.. I have heard a lot of nice reviews of her being an encouraging and supportive leader.. So thanks for your prayers and good wishes fellow bloggers..

Now kiddo has to have his dinner. So c ya!


Day 14# Impending Change

Due to the highly introverted personality type that I am , in times of turbulence in my mind, I keep quiet.. This is such a time and I hope that it does not last.. There is an impending re org at work and I am not so comfortable with the change.. I have done discussions and re discussions and some how it is not working to my favor..Universe.. please give me some luck!!

Till then I will have to be happy with the bajis that I had for snack and kiddo’s little cuddles 🙂

Day 13# OK day

I cannot exactly tell that today is a happy day..well the partner will be back from the trip near mid night and probably that is the only key thing that I can look forward to..Apart from that I just want to hit the snooze button!

Day 12# On new academic beginnings

Kiddo got up only once yesterday night  and that means thanks to the Universe and the wishes sent by you 🙂

Today I got a chance to catch up on Linkedin and I did something mad.. I signed up for an online course on an academic subject of my interest.. I am hoping that I would be able to push through it.. It would be a huge add to my learning curve!!

And then I caught up with an old colleague on how things are in my old team..He shared a photo of the team and I became all emotional and happy!!

Then MIL made tomato rice and chepankilangu varuval which is one of my favorite combination for lunch..

And the partner is coming back with presents post his work trip..

Life is SOO good and I am going to catch up with some afternoon sleep!! See how lucky afternoon sleep 🙂 Bye folks!