Happiness is…

– eating dark chocolate..

– accepting my imperfection of not being able to be consistent in blog posting..after all this is a place of self expression and I am not being caught up in the narrative bias..

– kiddo’s high pitched bubbly laughter from the adjacent room in response to the jokes made by his paternal  grand parents

– wishing my grandpa a happy birthday on phone yesterday..

– sharing on piece of paneer roll between parents and the sibling..

– hosting parents for an evening .. kiddo and mom playing with mom’s glasses and both of them having a good time together..

– sharing a secret wink with the sibling and making plans to go out together..

– this being the holiday season

– the partner making meen kulambu , taking his bit of fish fry and having a mid morning siesta..

– having all my family in one city knowing that we will be there for each other in times of need..

Happy Christmas folks..I hope this is not the last post for this year..But if it is so..see you all in 2018..wishing you a great year ahead!