The past couple of days have been trying as I am trying to discipline a rebel child and the more I try to express my point of view, the more distant he is becoming from me..

Parenting is probably one of God’s ways to teach patience..But how much patience with an erring child!!! Ah..Life is coming to a circle now..

Peeps…Fowl humor

I took a week of vacation with family and it started like this..

It was good..given that I totally detoxed myself from work and social media and gave my entire attention to the partner and kiddo..

Hoping to be a better version of myself the rest of the year!😀

Just the right day

Some days are just right ! Like today

—When i got up around 7 am and kiddo woke up when I finished my bath and pooja.

—When i got to feed kiddo noodles for breakfast and let a small whoop of joy that he is MY boy.

— When kiddo got truly angry and hit the partner that we two when conversing between us despite his presence #guiltypossesivemommy

— When I got to engage kiddo actively and constructively with flash cards and toys.

— When i got to plan with the partner’s BFF for a family vacation mid of this month.

— When the partner gets/cooks non veg every weekend for the family.

— When I am left to my read or ruminate or blog without a care in the world..