Self sufficiency and balance

Being self sufficient physically, emotionally , economically had always been a goal for me.

For a little while, in the process of striving for economic independence despite having a small kid, I lost sight of basics like a good night sleep, healthy eating , mindful living and making connections with others. The society always looked at me with awe as a super woman though I was not happy deep inside.

This phase of my life, my earnings had taken a huge hit and my career stands dangling at an edge. But I am able to make time for kiddo, understand and learn more about my areas of interest and spend time with children. I feel so privileged and happy.

The path ahead seems hazy. I am just taking one step at a time, giving my best and still ensuring that I draw boundaries ( sleep, food , kiddo, mindfulness) so that my cup runneth full.  I am trying to become a conscious minimalist in every aspect except clothes. I am striving to shine more positivity, give more and be grateful.

Lead kindly Light

I am not sure if I might post in-between on 2020. Thank you fellow bloggers for writing, cheering and commenting. It had been great fun to be a part of this blogathon !

Self love

There are very few days when I feel super motivated and positive about myself. Today is one such day despite my life being normal.

After all , is not self love the least thing that we can give to ourselves. When I work hard for my children , workplace and home , why cannot I work a bit more for myself too !

Unless I start treating myself with respect, I cannot expect others to treat me the same. So going forward, I am not going to be shy to give my body and soul good care ! So how do I do it?

  • Make time for a morning walk every day. It would help me become physically fit and energetic
  • Take at least 7 minutes to drink evening tea with some nice rusk.
  • Plan work ahead and reach targets.
  • Do not over commit at work. Take things slow. It is ok..there is no race. In life the journey matters as much as the destination.
  • Buy that pretty dress, wear it and look good in it !


Today, I was taking the chapter water for Grade 1. While a lot of children knew about technical terms like condensation and precipitation , very few knew about the ocean , sea , river and lakes around us.

So today’s class was spent just in knowing how water is important for us , local water bodies, uses of water and how we are polluting our freshwater sources. It was a base for relating text book to real life and it was so much fun.

I wish I can take these kids on a field trip to see the Bay of Bengal, the Adayar river, Shollinganalur lake and Pallikaranai lotus pond. It is ironic that in a city a teacher should educate and take children to water bodies while in villages , children organically learn it was nature is very much a part of their life.

Paradoxes of life

Now as you all know kiddo has a cold and today was a working Saturday for me. I simply had to go to school , show up for a meeting, get a lot of pending work done ( I still have a lot more to do) and keep smiling though I desperately want to be with kiddo.

I had this gut wrenching guilt of being bad mommy though my MIL and Dad are caretaking him. Our afternoon meeting got delayed and kiddo was waiting to pick me up. Though I was physically present and taking notes of the meeting, I just wanted to look into kiddo’s eyes, tell him that I badly missed being with him while he was sick and I was truly sorry for keeping him waiting.

While one part of me wants kiddo to learn waiting and adapt to the unfairness and struggle of everyday living , another part of me wants to keep him protected, make him feel loved and secure always.

This picture that I took in my morning walk. This is a picture take at the break of dawn , though for me this signals twilight of a ecologically sensitive piece of wetland located very close to a lake bank. In this place is going to come a beautiful gated community. A place of birds to become a place of man ! And no man to stop it !

The back bencher

Every classroom of each generation has this set .. the back benchers. They live in their own world and are least bothered about adult approval..They discuss in length about their crazy concepts and ideas with their peers with no interest even when the class goes on..Ah..they are any teacher’s nightmare.

Easy way to deal with them is to separate them and place them apart like the planets in the solar system in different corners. Then we can give them consequences if they do not pay attention to the class – ensure that they do not get to do things they like to do if they continue behaving that way.

Difficult way is understanding what is so important for them, to be their buddy and mentor them towards excellence in their area of interest. For few gifted ones it is art and creative writing, for few it is creating trouble for others and for few it is inventing and conducting their own games 🙄. For few the incessant chatter is because they truly are not understanding what the teacher is telling them !

Ah backbenchers ! I love them though they love irritating me !!


Kiddo has a cold and I had been up in the last night every 2 hrs like those days when kiddo was a new born.

1 am : Aiyo ..kiddo drank lotsa water and has bed wetted. Change bedsheet , his clothes and mine. Sleep on the floor as he wets my side of the bed.

3 am : The phone rings.. Some patient calls husband at THIS time for emergency medical advice.I get a hit of adrenaline start window shopping in

5 am : My phone alarm as I planned to wake up early for a hair wash..I snooze till 5:30 am..

I am like this today!

Little surprises

When I come back home I see vallarakeerai planted in last year pongal paanai ! My parents got it as a return gift in one our relative’s reception and MIL has planted it from the growbag. I am going to get a bigger pot for the vallarai and will ensure we grow venthayan in this little pot

MIL had been in a really good cooking mood. I had yummy pumpkin mor kolambu with roti, awesome tomato rice and butter beans poriyal for lunch !! Feeling blessed to taste such kai vannam !Nowhere in the world even in the best restaurants had I eaten such yummy vegetarian food till date !

Today has been a good day till now ! Touchwood.