A blind eye to survive – Rant post

For how many horrors have we turned a blind eye just because it does not affect us personally ?

An Indian heavy hand at Kashmir , Xinjiang re-education camps , China’s single handed vision of reestablishing it’s Belt and Road initiative, Increased racism and white politics in the United States, Brexit, water scarcity in Nigeria , North  Korea racing ahead for nuclear warheads, war for more than a decade in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan and Syria ! Now a global pandemic !! I have not yet talked about mindless consumerism , pollution of natural resources, chemical farming and the inability of a common man to empathize with each other. We read all this in news..

After reading such a depressing set of news , I started on Vickor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning “. He is a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp and one section of his book is entirely devoted to the psychology of a camp inmate.

A camp inmate progresses from shock and denial, to apathy so that he learns to survive the camp life. When I reflected on the current situation in the world and our own response I sometimes feel that our world is driven constantly on survival instincts that we are turning a blind eye to all the injustice around us.

I know that people around the world are suffering.. but I am scared that my husband will loose his job or my kid may not be able to survive the competition in the ever unjust world. I have to get meals and laundry done and keep myself updated with XYZ course so that I have a chance to crack my next job interview. Bloody ppl who laid me off !! How would I pay my EMI for the car that I got last year.. Can you get the drift ??

Our world is unfortunately being constantly driven by a lot of unwanted luxury. It reminds me of Gandhi’s quote ” The world has everything for every man’s need and not his greed “. We are always striving towards a better life and are missing sight on who we are harming on the way towards of goals – nature, relationships with family and friends and what not.

That has been my rant for the day and yes I have many more..But I have to rush off to do that XYZ course.. So see you till next time !