So close but invisible

Ever since the news about the pandemic came out around March 2020, I had always been open to the fact that one day it would hit our family too..It has. Yesterday an elderly uncle from our extended family succumbed to Covid-19. 9 out of 10 members of our extended family have recovered from Covid-19

The narrative has started getting personal within a short span of 3 months. My parents are already in an apartment complex which is a containment zone. I have heard enough cases of colleagues of the partner battling the disease. I am acutely aware that all beds in private and government hospitals are full and this is now a personal survival story.

Kiddo still needs to go on a walk twice a day wearing his mask. His school has reopened online. I have taken a part time gig at school to balance both work and home. So life goes on..

I hope there would be a day when I could go back to school and meet my kids in person, take a walk at the seashore and have lunch at an outdoorsy restaurant. This seems like a distant dream. Right now I am counting on my blessings and focusing on survival. By the way I have to draft my WILL.