Let us talk about autism

I had been giving a lot of thought if I should be writing on this topic in this blog. After a lot of thought, it then stuck me if I do not share about this journey here, I am missing documenting and sharing an important piece of my life in this space.

Kiddo was diagnosed to be autistic by the age of 4. It took me an year and a half to completely accept the diagnosis. He was showing autistic features right from the age of 2.5. Though we provided for appropriate interventions since the age of 2.5, I started getting actively involved with him since he turned 4. I  now have the courage to admit about kiddo’s autism and get help. After all kiddo needs to get all the support that he deserves.

Being a mom of autistic child taught me to celebrate little milestones, and made me a better parent. Some days , I get sad as many times I have to see kiddo struggle through what is so easy for a neuro typical child. A bit of the sadness is also probably in having to say good bye to my dreams of sharing my world with kiddo and instead venturing into his world.

The bottom line I keep learning every day is acceptance , being happy with the child as he is and enjoying time together.

17 thoughts on “Let us talk about autism

  1. I am so glad you are choosing to be open about it πŸ™‚ I have several friends who have kids on the spectrum and we talk a lot about the need to wipe out the stigma. Like one of my friend says, some kids just need the right kind of help and the point is not to label, but to enable them πŸ™‚

    • Being open about it helps a lot of people including me and kiddo.. especially other parents who want guidance and advocacy. We are brought up with the mindset that life is a race to be won instead of an experience that has to be lived mindfully. So we and children too tend to compare and distress. Kids need help. Labels help in getting the right kind of help. End of the day as you say, we have to enable them and see beyond their disability.

  2. Hugs dear. It takes lot of courage to be open with the things. Acceptance is indeed the first step, as u said.
    Will have to remind myself more often of this.

    • Thanks Prachee.. yes as blogging is a public medium where there is a bit of my private life and perspectives there was a bit of hesitant to open up in the beginning. Later I realised this space would be incomplete withoute sharing about autism which is a major journey that I am accepting and living through. Your posts on adoption also gave me the push to share this.

  3. I am glad you decided to open up Paatiamma. Its high time that we understand that autism is not a disease. It’s a neuro diversity
    I am sure you are having enough support system if not there are lot of wonderful groups on Facebook where you can connect to parent of autistic kids. I can search and send you a few in case you are interested

    • Thanks Tharani. Absolutely people with autism see the world through a different lens and respond differently. I am blessed to have a support system in place as of now that I am able to navigate through the journey . A biggest way a neurotypical can help an autistic child is accepting then as they are and you do it!

  4. Hugs Paatiamma, I can imagine the struggle you must have gone and are going through. A very close friend of mine went through this struggle for her elder daughter and she has fought without giving up and has overcome it too. I can connect you both if you feel it might help you in anyway.

    • Thanks SS!! Ya it did take a bit of courage to acknowledge about the sad parts within the happy parts..it is complex.. your love and acceptance makes my journey easier.

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