Mood uplifter

Having a chocolate is a quick fix for any bad day.I loves all kinds – the mango bite, orange bite, pulipu mittaai, cadbury dairy milk, dairy milk silk,amul chocolates, lindors and lindts.

I had 3 mango bites today and I am going to hunt for the dairy milk in the fridge.

I keep cribbing about exploitation of others and consumerist culture.. Do you know, chocolate is one of the most explotive industries where there is rampant child labour involved?Despite knowing this, I do not know why I keep reaching out to the fridge.

Sustainably made chocolates are expensive. Any cheap sustainable alternatives for chocolate – as a mood booster. Suggestions awaited.

Some days

Some days, I am exhausted,

Some days, I am not.

Some days, I feel frustrated,

Some days , I am not.

This is a journey as a parent

A parent of the special kind

Some days are pleasant

Some days, are not.