Short Intro

Dear Friends, Romans and Countrymen,

I had oft tried making a dramatic entry to the wordpress world but in vain!! It is said that Ghazini failed 17 times before he conquered India..With this example and thalaivar Aarya’s and Santhaanam’s very famous dialogue “Vidaa muyarchi vishwaroopa vetri tharum”  in mind am re-attempting for the nth time..

This space is for documenting my gyaan gained over a period of time..My INFP traits motivates me to make profound statements on the happenings of the world around me and to scatter gems of wisdom..For I had been christened to be a paatimma at a very delicate age of 5 by a snooty fellow classmate.. Little did I realize what a befitting title he has conferred so generously..But I digress.I also would like to share the world of thoughts that I concot in my head..Share my views and opinions and be a part of the Bloggie world!

Peter Akka , Rowdy Mangamma , Paal choru (Milk Rice) lover, Voracious reader of borrowed books only (Fellow book writers ..Please forgive me!!I spent a greater part of childhood in library )Singer to self onnnly( Airtel super singer star’s dream got crashed due to multiple changes of paatu teacher) , Software tester who luvvres to spend most time blog hopping with a serious look during office time , victim of child marriage(Yeah..Yeah..Am married but am still a kid paatiamma), die hard feminist tempered with notions on “you cant have it all”..( has it all..If he/she had..He/She is GOD), avid follower of mommy bloggers..(They are GOD!! Managing home, work, kid and blog)

I neva wanted to be a published writer..But a small part in me always wanted a creative outlet..Hope I do it regularly..



33 thoughts on “Short Intro

  1. Hey Thank you!! Actually you being one of the first person to comment makes extra spl.. I remember reading your blog before your loooong break.. I have a feeling of “Vashishtar vaayaal Bramha Rishi”.I .should not be eggsacherating..You give me hope to give more life to this space.Thnk you..Courtesy bow!

    • Blushing…Thank you for your love Visha…Half way ie)After 2 posts enthu writing in the blog I had a feel that I was talking to walls “Hello world …Blah Blah Blah” like mad lady. Your love inspires me to continue…

  2. Paatiamma, I followed a link that came with the notification on my dashboard, for it intrigued me, the name 😀

    I do like the way you write. Very engaging and very personal, without being affected. 🙂 Will keep dropping in!
    And, thank you for the visit at my blog!

  3. Paatiamma… I dont know what took me so long to discover your blog. What an awesome intro. I am already in love with your blog 🙂 Going on to read all the archives right away!!

  4. Hey.. hopped here from Tharani’s blog… Loved all your posts… especially this – “4 out of 5 dentists recommend this site” 🙂 Keep writing!

  5. ha ha ha. Loooooooove this: “Software tester who luvvres to spend most time blog hopping with a serious look during office time” and identify with it. How do you think I found your blog otherwise? 😉 Plus the first blog I found with the same blog theme as mine. 🙂

    • Thanks surbisarna!! Welcome here..The site had lack of maintenance for the past few months..My sincere apologizes for not giving a quick response.. Patiamma means ‘Grandma’ in Tamil.. 🙂

    • Thank you for the nomination Sahasra!! It was interesting to know more about you in this post! Yes..your are correct! I have put a pause on writing for quite some time..But I do keep reading your wonderful posts and those of the other lovely bloggers in my readers list!

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