Day 14# Impending Change

Due to the highly introverted personality type that I am , in times of turbulence in my mind, I keep quiet.. This is such a time and I hope that it does not last.. There is an impending re org at work and I am not so comfortable with the change.. I have done discussions and re discussions and some how it is not working to my favor..Universe.. please give me some luck!!

Till then I will have to be happy with the bajis that I had for snack and kiddo’s little cuddles 🙂


Day 13# OK day

I cannot exactly tell that today is a happy day..well the partner will be back from the trip near mid night and probably that is the only key thing that I can look forward to..Apart from that I just want to hit the snooze button!

Day 12# On new academic beginnings

Kiddo got up only once yesterday night  and that means thanks to the Universe and the wishes sent by you 🙂

Today I got a chance to catch up on Linkedin and I did something mad.. I signed up for an online course on an academic subject of my interest.. I am hoping that I would be able to push through it.. It would be a huge add to my learning curve!!

And then I caught up with an old colleague on how things are in my old team..He shared a photo of the team and I became all emotional and happy!!

Then MIL made tomato rice and chepankilangu varuval which is one of my favorite combination for lunch..

And the partner is coming back with presents post his work trip..

Life is SOO good and I am going to catch up with some afternoon sleep!! See how lucky afternoon sleep 🙂 Bye folks!

Day 11 # Letting go and rocky nights

Kiddo is having a bad cold.. That means that he wakes up every hour and a half in the night because of blocked or runny nose..This means I am on night duty and I will have to rock him back to sleep every time he wakes up.. The partner is out of station on a work related trip and this means that I have to manage it on my own..

I was super tired by yesterday night and all I could endure was only till 4am today. morning .Some extra energy had to be spent yesterday night in re assuring the grand parents  not to bother too much and shoo then away every time they get agitated by kiddo’s wake up calls which is similar to ambulance siren..

Post 4:30 am.. a sleep bug hit me and I finally gave in.. I let the grand parents take care.. And all I could remember is being woken up and sleeping again twice or thrice.. When I finally woke up only at 10:00 am I  found  kiddo in grand parents room cuddling with MIL…

Some times I think we spend lot of energy in resisting people and trying to get things done in the way that we want.. Sometimes I think, it is OK to let go.. and then catch up some sleep..

Tonight is also going to be rocky..So I am going to catch up again some of my beauty sleep….C ya folks!


Day 10 # A day with 2 PCs

Today I got approval to have another PC at my office desk.. This is more because of my project requirement..Still it felt so cool.. Now I have two PCs  :a desktop and a laptop at my work station!! I felt like being on the top of the world..I could have never imagined that I would be at this place same time last year.I am content that I have delivered my best within my limited work hours.. I am happy that I could endure a sleepless night with kiddo and still cross all work related items scheduled for this week.

I am content that I could manage to get some “ME” time in cab and hear ARR songs..I am happy  that I can grab a quick lunch of  Chettinad Chicken sandwich at my desk .I am happy that I could get kiddo medicines for cold braving through the rains in the marsh land that I reside in..I am happy for all the little pockets of happiness of this day 🙂

Day 9# A day which went as per plan

After becoming a mom I have become a control freak in the matter of time..I try avoiding most interpersonal interactions with other human beings unless it is really essential.. Probably it is also one more aspect of my introvert nature.. I keep having a sense of urgency and purpose where I want to go towards a goal of crossing X items done to my satisfaction from my to -do list  and there is so less time to smell the roses or have a conversation..

Today was one day in which at least 80 percent of activities which involved in other human beings falling in place in accordance to my plan as well.. This is a huge achievement for me!! I hope that most days go this way so that I can count it as one of my most productive days.. And yes those days are the days when I am happy as well 🙂

Day 8 # The days I have help

Today is one of the days when a guilt laden mommy in me can take up office calls late night as the partner volunteers to take care of kiddo…I can neither complain about people at work or at home.. But it is always a tight rope walk for a working mother.. to strike out the right balance so that she is happy and the people around her are happy..

I am not going to bore you people with my rants on my bad hair day today at work where I had to spend time in one meeting after another and could not complete the work goals that I set for me despite stretching a couple of hours.

Instead I would tell how beautifully lil kiddo snuggled with me today morning and his lovely beautiful winsome ways which makes my day so beautiful !