Some Unanswered Questions

I generally sleep in the right side of the bed and the partner the left side.Nemo sleeps in between both of us. Yesterday night I was too tired and slept in the partner’s side of the bed.At 5:00 am in the morning ,I am deep asleep and Nemo had woken up for a feed. First he hit me on the face with his right hand..Knowing that I was still asleep he then started pulling my hair..Then I woke up and started feeding him.And then he blissfully went back to sleep..Question :  How did he find out that I have switched sides with the partner?

Today I was feeding Nemo rice and palak..It is not one of his most favorite dishes..Half way through the feed he started making faces and sounds as if he urgently wanted to pass stools. I kept him in potty position to ease himself. He started playing. When I tried feeding him rice again, he simply refused to take further.Question :Where did he learn such new tricks?


Caffeine Nirvana

There are lengthy debates on which drink is better between the coffee and tea lovers.. For a long time I held on to my dear filter coffee experience. Every visit to Chennai I would ensure I pack my Leo filter coffee packet lovingly to Gurgaon. With pregnancy and breast feeding , I have consciously cut down my caffeine intake and switched to tea. To be honest, though I would never take a cup of tea in my coffee days, I am looking forward to the cup of tea every evening.

In my pre pregnancy days, first cup of coffee for me is  at office. The exact measurements are 3 spoons milk powder, 3/4 spoon of Nescafe, half a cup of hot water and half a cube of sugar . Then set it in the microwave for 40 seconds. Every single day I used to have it @ 10:30 am and respond to the emails. In evenings, it would be either at office or filter coffee at home. Weekends mornings are special as it means extra serving of filter coffee.

Fast forward to today I look forwards to the cup of hot ginger tea along with 2 rusks made by MIL with some arisi pori every evening- 4:00 pm  on holidays and 5:00 pm on working days.

In between , I do sneak my bit of extra dark chocolate from the fridge stash once in a while. .So dear folks, caffeine in every form is bliss.





Saturday afternoons

This is how my Saturday afternoons are..

Stage 1: Ay..I have one hour of actual nice free time as the whole household is asleep..So let me look into the pending bank account status, respond to personal emails or even make personal conversation on watsapp

Stage 2 : Now this being my free time, I ought to catch up with some blog posts

Stage 3: Ay..This is an interesting new read read..too lazy to comment.

Stage 4: Blog hop..

Stage 5: Blog hop..happily…

Stage 6: Crib why blogger asks  me to prove that you are not a robot each time I comment

Stage 7: Kiddo waking up..MIL making tea..Where did the one hour go??Start writing the post

Stage 8: Kiddo giving looks at the laptop and the Internet  dongle…

Stage 9: Kiddo makes a leap to pull the dongle out of the laptop..

Stage 10: End of story










The Blogathon Song.

I have started shamelessly stealing ideas now.. This one is from the one and only Preethi of from her lovely  “It’s Really Ok” song.

It is a tired long day
All that would like is to sleep I say
But like owls I would sit up and post
Coz it is the blogathon

The partner has started to snore
And it sometimes sounds like a roar
But like owls I would sit up and post
Coz it is the blogathon

The heart is merry and gay
Because its the night of Friday
So like owls I would sit up and post
Coz it is the blogathon

Before the clock strikes twelve
I ought to post it for myself
So like owls I would sit up and post
Coz it is the blogathon

Ha ha..the tag

I have shamelessly picked up the tag that BM created and have not even replaced most of Tharani’s answers!!!

1. What are you wearing?
night pants and a t-shirt.

2. How tall are you?
5′ 3″

3. How much do you weigh?
must be 90 kgs odd now

4. Any tattoos?

5. Any piercings?
On the ear

6. Favourite show?
FRIENDS, Master Chef Australia

7. Something you miss?
Agree with Tharani !!My precious, precious sleep *cries uncontrollablly*

8. Favourite song?
Nenjukulae unnai mudinchirukaen

9. Zodiac sign?

10. Quality you look for in a partner?

11. Favourite actor?

12. Favourite colour?

13. Loud music or soft?

12. Where do you go when you’re sad?
To sleep in the bed..Now that is sooo scarce..

13. How long does it take you to shower?
Before Nemo : half an hour to forty minutes
After Nemo: 0.4846 seconds

14. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
Before Nemo: An hour or more
After Nemo: 0.7865 seconds

15. Ever been in a physical fight?
With the sibling

16. Turn on?
Sense of humor

17. Turn off?
Acting disrespectful, arrogance

18. Fears?
Losing the people whom I love

19. Last thing that made you cry?
Ah..BF ing in the initial months

20. Last time you said you loved someone?
Few hours back to Nemo

21. Last book you read?
Flowers in the Snow by Danielle Stewart

22. The book you’re currently reading?
Sadly nothing

23. Last person you talked to?
The husband

24. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

25. Place you want to visit?
Seychelles island

26. Do you have a crush?
Yes. Yes. Yes

27. Favourite piece of jewellery?
Nothing in particular

28. Last song you sang?
Oh…dear…(Nemo Lullaby)


After the maternity break, I still struggle to make through every workday..These are few techniques used by the BOSS to convince me to continue working and ensure that I start working full time.

I start taking more leaves and contemplate leaving work. The BOSS asks me to perform telephonic interview of women candidates  who are trying to get back into the industry after a break in career.

I am rushing to get back home for lunch lest kiddo become hungry. BOSS tells to send one URGENT e-mail just 10 minutes before I start.

I am cursing him and BOSS hands me over the salary increment letter!!

I get exhausted , BOSS gives me tasks which challenges me  to push my own limits at workplace and develop new skills.

No wonder I am gritting my teeth and pulling through…




Life as a Working Mom

…is exhausting. I honestly do not understand how working moms with two children cope up with all the workload and the chores..I have been having a crazy week with more hours required to be put at work and I am simply exhausted.

No 1 :There is guilt of not being able to spend my regular hours with Nemo. I have to leave earlier than my usual time and come back late.Then comes the real aches.I have put on oodles of weight to become a 6 pack mom. Husband blames that the culprit is the scooter which I use to travel to work, while I could have easily burnt some calories walking to office.I highlight on the hours I save by using a two wheeler. Nemo keeps checking if I am near him by waking up in the nights every one to  two hours.Then there is a constant backache.. All the stress is affecting my nursing which goes in a vicious circle and affects Nemo. Life  is getting crazier.. Just waiting for this week to end

Work life without kid was much easier as there was only one goal to focus on.Now there is a balancing act required..There are few awful days in  neither people at office or people at home are happy with what i do for them.Am having more of such days..Hope I will have more strength for a better tomorrow!!