Mix up

I am a master mix up person. Has to do a bit with my impatience in completing a work .

Last week, I was commenting in a hurry that I mixed up Mtw and Ani.

The week before, I mixed up Idli podi and Sambar podi in my hurry to have a side dish for idli.

For this pongal , I bravely ventured to make a rangoli and guess what I took instead of white kola podi??- Ariel washing powder!!

Worst is last year , I mixed up multani mitti and meera shiakai powder. I was wondering why the shiakai powder was not lathering while I had applied it to my hair. 🙄

Temple visit

Today, we went to the Nitya kalyana Permunal temple at Thiruvidanthai. It is one of the 108 divyadesams of the Vaishnava Sect and is a very old temple built in the 7th century. Though it is an archaeological site, regular Pooja’s happen in this temple. The chief deity is Varaha Perumal – the boar Avatar of Vishnu. It is believed that those who want to get married can pray to get married soon in this temple.

Temple visits in traditional setting with the family is a treat for me. This visit was one of the kind and it evoked strong nostalgia.

The temple is located close to the sea and the drive is through backwaters which are frequented by water birds and kingfishers. The weather was cloudy and pleasant.The scenic drive itself was a pleasure to the eyes.

Once we reached the temple, we first visited the temple tank and fed pori to the fish in the tank. Kiddo loved dipping his foot in the tank water and was insisting on taking a dip!

Enroute to the temple, we got flowers for the gods and fed agathu keerai to calves . There was not much crowd probably due to Covid and we could leisurely take in the peaceful atmosphere of the temple.

Getting prasad stall goodies is my favourite part of temple visits. We got puliyogara, laddoos , murukku thatai and milagu dosa and had most of it sitting together as a family in a mandapam located outside the temple.

On way back home we had refreshing tender coconuts to drink and bought some pana kilangu( fil’s favourite) and a December poo strand ( mil’s favourite) .

There is an innate simplicity and beauty in such experiences. This one is going to remain in my heart for a long time.

Pro Quota or Anti Quota?

This is a common contention point when it comes to a government job or an application for a government college.

While I do have a lot of friends who had been in the recieving brunt of quota based reservations and are strongly anti-quota my sympathy still lies with the pro- quota group.

The basic premise for the quota system is inclusion. It comes from the belief system that the starting point for everyone in a race is not the same. It takes privilege and access into account and tries to level the field to ensure that a diverse set of people run the nation or learn together.The challenges that an economically and socially deprived person breaks to reach a particular position must be taken into account for a fair competition.

As in any system there are people who abuse the system. Dummy panchayat heads from marginalised section of the society being controlled by dominant community leaders is still prevalent in Tamil Nadu. There are people from marginalised sections who have reached positions of power due to a generation of hard work and they take away the reserved seats due to the privilege of birth and caste. Our general election outcomes are still caste based rather than policy based.

Our quota system should be restructured both based on the economic and social privilege. This is my thought. What are your thoughts on the quota system?

Happy news

This is not about babies. When a couple gets newly married, relatives have a way of harassing them. ” When are you going to give happy news?” An indirect way of asking..” Are you having intimate moments together and providing the end product?”. This post is about other happy news. So again pausing the “Guess the blogger” series.

First happy news-I have discovered two new bloggers in this blogathon-Indu and Prachee. Thanks to Tharani and SS. I was scrolling through posts and silently laughing at the jokes written..SS oda sleeping yoga post etc.. My maamanaru was asking..unakku ethum loosu pudichuruchaa. Thaanaa sirrikura. My response 🤭. (Namma story ellan explain panna mudiyaathu.)

Second happy news – Joe Biden has take oath as the US president. Whatever said an done the US is still the most powerful country on earth and it is necessary to have inclusive and kind leaders wielding power. I am still aware that Trump is not completely dumped. What we saw as the capitol carnage which happened earlier this month still reminds us there are entitled bigots who are unapologetic and they feel that they are superior and deserve to have the best of resources just because of they belong to a certain race , color , gender , religion or caste. They are still at the large and waiting to pounce back to power. It is very important that we empower the right people, feed the right wolf to ensure a better world for our children.

The same applies closer home too. I am appalled by the stalling of the farm law discussions, the proposed so called development projects which would be at the cost of environment and the know it all patronizing attitude of those in power in India. Also in India , we do not even have a strong opposition to it. Atleast in Tamil Nadu though we have a govt which is in compliance with the centre, there is a growing group of third party of youngsters in politics and environmental activism.

Third happy news. You remember the Stop Adani, Save Pulicat campaign for which I had designed an art campaign, poster? The govt has postponed the public hearing for the project. This is because of mounting opposition of the project from different directions. See the chappa saaku they have given taking the upcoming elections in view. Whatever said and done, the project is stalled.

A small win

If you want to know more on the reason behind the opposition for the port expansion, do watch this video here. Language of the video is tamil as this is a local problem. English sub titles are available to ensure reachability to all.

Wishing a happy day ahead to all of you❤️

Guess the blogger-3

I am hoping that this series is not getting boring. I generally get bored after writing on a series after a couple of post. No wonder the 100 happy days challenge or the A-Z challenge did not work for me. Blogathon works more because of the company. It is nice to blog hop, discover new blogs. Also it is fun to read when my favourite blogger writes a post and comment.

Hint 1 : She is mother of two adorable children.

Hint 2: She can cook up a storm especially on festival days.

Hint 3: She is like the mother hen – takes responsibility.

Hint 4 : She owns a Tesla!!

Who is this?

Starts with S and ends with N

This post is inspired by Tharani’s post on tips to wake up soon. While I truly do not know a tip as my own wake up schedule is highly erattic and changes with my moods, I am going to take inspiration from her post for this post and temporarily pausing guess the blogger series.

First disclaimer :I am not indicating that Tharani is a grade 4 child.. ok. Noted, Tharani?This post is however on present Grade 5 children when I handled them in Grade 4.

I was class teacher for a rowdy class of Grade 4 children last year. There used to be constant conflict which were never ending cycles. For example a typical complaint will start like this

Child 1: ” He lost my eraser aunty, so I hit him, aunty.”

Child 2: “He hit me aunty, so I spilt water in his water bottle”

This cycle of revenge will go indefinitely till both the children forget about it and they start another conflict cycle with another kid.

There will be some sworn enemies in class too. There came one point when I was recieving too many complaints.

So I decided that during culture class, I would teach forgiveness and vent out their problems to paper. So I asked them to pick up one child in their class and write a 150 words letter of forgiveness without mentioning the name of the child whom they are forgiving. They would talk about the hurt and how much it affected them and still forgive them. Probably this is too much to ask for a grade 4 child especially even as adults we find it difficult to forgive each other.

While I did recieve atleast 5-6 responses which were exactly what I asked for in a class of 25, most of them chose to respond differently.

One child wrote just 150 words in his paper and refused to write throughout the class. This child is a naturally forgiving and amicable child. Probably he did not hold any grudges and had nothing to write and too justify the need to write 150 words , wrote it.

Another sample is like this ” Dear aunty. The person whom I am going to forgive is a person who wears glasses. Every body hates him in the class. I do not like him at all. I would want to ask my mother to complain him to the vice principal. His name starts with S and ends with N. You know whom I am talking about. …”

Guess the blogger – 2

I truly admire the bloggers who can write comically. I sometimes try to copy their style with a poor imitation. Some bloggers who I used to read but who no longer write in their blogs are Subbu Lakshmi and Sowmya Rajendran of Mayil will not be quiet fame ( I now follow Sowmya Rajendran on Facebook) and have lost link of her blog site.

Preethi is the only blog writer who I follow in blogspot. I have given up asking her to join wordpress. She had started writing professionally too and I am so happy for her readers. I love her management and first world problem humor. I used to read blogs during office hours early in my career and in some not so great days I had a hearty laugh reading her posts.

There is one more blogger who has humor as her style. That too kadi humor and humor with technical terms..who is she??

Guess the blogger-1

I had been thinking quite for sometime for a reasonable post and came up with this idea.

This is an interactive post. I will describe a blogger whom I read in a post and you have to guess who the blogger is. After two days , I would post who the blogger is . These are the blogs I have been reading for a decade.

Hint 1 : Her’s was a love marriage

Hint 2 : She has two kids

Hint 3 : She writes very well. However her blogathon statistics shows 15/31 posts or more are cheat posts.

Hint 4: She is not too much into food .

If it is difficult to find out in day 2 , I can drop additional hints!!

Happy finding!

Never did I ever – Pandemic post

This ia a post of few things that I did in the pandemic period that I had not done ever before in my life. Yes, I am also taking the tag that many blog writers had taken this blogathon.

1. Given a haircut for the partner-This one seems to be in many of our lists. I was so glad when the salons reopened.

2. Stayed for two week at mom’s place-
To be honest, after marriage except for the pregnancy stay, I had not done a long stay at parents place at all. This one was entirely due to lockdown restrictions and was one memorable stay.

3. Taught kiddo-I had always delegated kiddo’s schooling to the partner and the school. Now I have to sit with him in an online class and follow up teach him.. Kiddo refuses school and school work. So imagine my plight. I now teach him in 5-10 minutes bursts whenever he is in a good mood after play.

4. Become confident as a cook- Cooking is learning based on observation and experience. Though I do not have a lot of experience in the kitchen , I had whipped up a couple of really good dishes during the honey moon period of the lockdown.

5. Supervised construction work- We bought a house during the pandemic because of the real estate price fall. Had it been non lockdown period, either dad or FIL would have supervised any minor construction work. We had extended out balcony a little bit and we needed a roof for it. I am proud that I got somebody to do it at a reasonable price within a short period and supervised the whole work. The roof was a savior during the period of heavy rains that came along with the Nivar cyclone.

6. Bought something huge without discussing with the partner- This was when I bought Bubbles. The partner is not a big fan of pets reared in captivity. I wanted to teach kiddo about caring for others. Generally we discuss, argue and then we both come to a consensus. This time however with the house purchase , we had quite a few disagreements and lengthy negotiations before getting every single item from curtains to chowki. Probably I reached a tipping point by then and I simply got Bubbles.

7. Grew a tree – I had now become diligent about taking care of the balcony pots. Around March 2020, I tried growing chillies, brinjal and tomatoes from the same pot multiple times. Every time it failed. An unknown sapling sprouted in the pot and it was the sole hope for my gardening pursuits. By October 2020, it grew with a hardy stem that my mom vouched that it is a tree and not a plant. Then we moved to our new place and as I realised that the pot was too small for this one, I transplanted it to the apartment gardens. It has grown up much better now. One of the realisations while growing a tree is observing how giving a tree is . Even while it was a sapling, ants would group around it. When it growing up now, it is the favourite spot for garden lizards and crickets. Google lens now tells me that this will grow up to be a ‘Vasantha Rani ‘ tree..hmmm..fingers crossed.

8. Did a video post of self – My job made me do quite a bit of digital marketing through fb and linkedin. Again for the job, I had to do a 1 minute video of myself for a post. After some 20-30 takes , I could finally create that post..Pooh!! Acting before the camera is not at all easy.

9. Created a poster for environmental activism – The flexibility that the pandemic brings in to explore other interests apart from the job is awesome. I also truly enjoy managing my own time. Around Christmas holidays I designed an art campaign poster to Save Pulicat from Adani Port expansion.

10 – Did my own bio-enzyme cleaner – I took up a workshop for creating home made cleaners. I did one batch of rice enzyme and citrus enzymes. However not so happy with the results. Probably sustainability is a long journey for me .

A letter to kiddo

Dear kiddo,

Hi this is your mumma. I love reading blogs ever since 2011.  I have been reading quite a few bloggers whom I still read. Ya.. reading another aunty’s writings for almost a decade. I am not sure if you would be following one another on instagram or some other similar app while you are my age.

Writing make a person think. I truly envy the bloggers who think and write birthday letters to their children.  I am not going to assure you birthday letters capturing the beautiful moments I had with you every year. I am still that 33 year old human going with the flow, some days in a high and some days in a low and that reflects on my blog and my writing too. But whenever I feel like writing I would do little letters to you like this now and then.

Kiddo – you had been the greatest gift that God has given to me . You changed my life in ways that I could not have even imagined in my wildest dreams.It was for you that your dad took a call moved to Chennai to stay close to relatives and the other set of grandparents. It was because of you my life meandered from a job I did to  earn a living towards a calling that gives me more contentment. It was because of you I learnt that life is not a race to be won but a gift to be lived.Every moment with you in the pandemic year has been precious. You taught me to assert and take care of my needs so that I can become a better mom for you. You taught me to celebrate little milestones and progress in work and every day life. You taught me to slow down, appreciate and live the moment. What better gift can I ask ?

Love you so much !!!❤️

Your mad mumma ..